Personal Training

Nancy also worked as a fitness instructor for over 20 years.

Programs taught:

  • Freestyle aerobic fitness classes

  • Les Mills Body Pump

  • Les Mills Body Combat

  • Les Mills Spin

Nancy launched her personal training business in 1992.


  • Weight loss

  • Strength programs

  • Rehabilitation programs

  • Personal best




“Where would I be without Nancy D … I have been with Nancy for six months and I have dropped 126 centimetres and 30 kilos in total! And with her amazing motivation, positive outlook, and gentle persuasion, I’m sure I will reach my goal. Where would I be without Nancy D? Back to where I was last November” ~ Jackie

“Nothing tastes as good as fitting into my clothes … The most important thing I’ve learn’t is that I can still lose weight by eating and doing a moderate amount of exercise. I would highly recommend Nancy to all that want to look good and wish to feel healthy and motivated”  ~ Belinda

“Nancy has been with me all the way, even right up to this very day. My sport, I’m sure, does give her pains, to her credit she doesn’t even complain. She is more than a personal trainer to me, as she has watched me grow and be. And through this poem I hope she can see, just how much of an influence she has been to me”  ~ Donna

“Nancy, this is from me to you. Please never change your outlook on life and your full, unconditional commitment to your clients, as you are a great motivator and an inspiration to your profession. It is my pleasure to have met you and to have you training me to a better and healthier life. Thank you. PS: I do feel ten years younger and needless to say, I am off all medication”  ~ Arthur

“You helped me achieve my goal through your encouragement, motivational skills and experience. The best thing about getting into shape was not only feeling great about myself, but the extra energy I had to help to cope with all of the pressures of everyday life … particularly leading up to my wedding day”  ~ Nikki